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 home owner with new historic windows

The replica windows greatly exceeded my expectations, to say the least. After meeting with the approved vendors on the"Historical Window" list, I was price-shocked into stand-by mode. Several months later, Oliver, of STL Historic Window Co called to inform me of new quality wood replica windows being made locally. I was skeptical at first but asked for a quote on what seemed to be a very high quality window sample; Their windows are hand-made using only fir wood and true divided lites, if needed. I was skeptical, again, when their installed price was half that of most competitors. After speaking with the window builders, themselves, I was convinced of their competence and commitment to quality. After a difficult intallation task which included complete sill and brick mould replacement, the windows are astounding. Chuck and Steve are complete professionals, didn't touch my interior wood trim (thanks guys) and take great pride in their work. I may be biased, but I'd say that these are the most historically correct, well built, Cultural Resourses approved windows available at any price.